the best gifts do not come from a store ...






Thank you so much Ron for the lovely Spain canvas :-)

download here




Ludi my friend, you have a sixth sense for fantastic gifts - the possibilities for using

your beautiful fantasy fakes are virtually endless!

Once again you've made me very happy!


download Ludi's stunning gift here



This hot pink dress brings out the fashionista in every Sims lady!

Thank you so much Denise-With-The-Golden-Heart for your beautiful gift!


download the pink dress here



download this beauty here




This lady has a brand new computer and it seems to be a magic machine that allows

miraculously creations! I could happily daydream for hours on this sofa!


Thank you for your warm friendship and the inspiration which you are for me!


download SpaceCadet's gift here




Olena, I love you to pieces ... you are profound and playfully at the same time and

so are your unique creations! Thank you for this breathtakingly beautiful gift -

no Egyptian queen was ever spoiled in the way you are spoiling me :-)


download the Pharaonesse Study here




download the beautiful living room here




Thank you for this wonderful surprise, Chik!


download here




download Ron's pretty rugs here