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Nothing is yours. It is to use. It is to share. If you don't share it, you cannot use it.


You can use, clone, recolour or share my objects (or parts of them) in any way that you like. You don't have to ask for permission but please quote me as the creator.
My gifts are also free to share. Please DO NOT re-upload to other sites and DO NOT claim any of my work as your own.
Please let me know if links at this site do not work or if you find anything wrong with any of my work :-)
I have all expansion packs and use them as bases for my objects.Use my objects at your own risk - I've tested them all and they work fine for me but I don't take responsibility for any damages.
I've created tons of objects - I cannot rule out the possibility of ID-conflicts.
Please use SEObject Manager or ObjectID to check my creations before playing.
Thank you :-)










Picture Credits


The page graphics are from jaguar woman ( http://www.jaguarwoman.com/) with her

permission to change them for my purposes.

The motif for boudoir bazar is made of a license free picture from http://www.sxc.hu/




Boudoir Blanc is a private fan site with custom content made by myself.
It's not affiliated with or endorsed by Maxis/EA-Games or it's partners in any way. You won't find neither commercial content here nor any links to commercial sites.



Boudoir Blanc ist eine rein private Fanseite mit selbstgefertigten Objekten für das Computerspiel Sims 1.
Zu Maxis/EA-Games besteht keinerlei Verbindung.
Weder enthält Boudoir Blanc kommerzielle Inhalte, noch finden sich Links zu (oder Werbebanner mit) kommerziellen Inhalten.



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