selected highlights


Andrasta's World

prehistoric treasures and more ...


Around the Sims

no set without Sandy's allsurface base


Awesome Expression

the name says it all :-) ... Asian objects for Sims 1



the dark side of simming


Ever After Sims

unique skins - simply enchanting!


Ferndale Sims

the Olympian realm of creating


Gimere's Sims Stuff

visit the most busy skin designer on this planet


Grumpy Sims Stuff

a new site with very cool stuff - everything else than grumpy looking!


Hobbitwife's Sims Gifts

orcs are not allowed but everyone else will find great goodies at this place


Ingrid Studio

modern and fresh furniture from a highflyer-creator!


Madoria's World

a rich treasure box of knowledge, experience and practice


Mdmlady's Yahoo Groups

oh so talented, courageous and enterprising


Minority Creation

fresh creations from our lovely shooting-star Suvamita


Mirrored Sims

a powerful new start - fabulous objects in a clearly design!


MMaries Sims Files

a bright star on the sky of Sims creations :-)


Mme Rosa Yahoo Groups

a goldmine for the stylish and elegant Sim


Mufga's Simlaedchen

everything your heart desires ...


Nana's Sims 1 Stuff

a stroll through Donna's gallery is a never ending pleasure


Nocturnal Market

grunge, industrial, gothic and steampunk goodies


Nyx's Stuff

wonderful new site from a very special lady


Olena's Clutter Factory

where clutter is transformed into glamour


PM Builders

simply elevating


Poetica Place

the mistress of all :-)


Psuedo Soul

enjoy Roe's young, feminine and graceful style


Purrfectly Simlicious

purrfectly like the lady who runs this site :-)


Ripmagnum's Rug Imperium

rugs for each issue


Shabbysim Yahoo Groups

start a journey through an imaginary world of harmony and beauty


Shali's Simskrams

fresh and modern art


Simbeule's Curiosities

a wonderful new website!


Simblesse Oblige

refuge of the collective Sims1 knowledge


Simnut's Droppings Yahoo Groups

with an increased danger of addiction


Sims of the World

where supernatural almost becomes the natural


Sims Russian Vacation

opens the door to Russian customs and traditions

De Luxe SciFi and more ...


Siren Shadows Sims

bow to the queen of hearts in her rich fantasy world


Skye's Sims

the only Sims place on the internet with a female pope :-)


SpaceCadet's Sims

simply the most creative that Sims 1 has to offer



where busy girls are keeping us up-to-date


Stone Age Sims

Everything else that stone-aged ... a visit is highly recommended!


The French Sims Connection

add elegance to your home - Folken and Evalynda make it possible!


The Sims Emporium

best wood textures ever - modern and beautiful!


Vanity Affaire

takes you back to a long bygone era of luxury and elegance ...



discover a unique world of superlatives


Voyage Sims

molto Italian temperament


Yvi Mai Designs

great fashion and interesting themes




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