my happy dance gift collection





Dear Gabi Simbeule) has sent me a wonderful Valentine gift!

Das ist eine ganz wunderbare Brücke, vielen Dank, Gabriele!

Zwischen zwei solchen Herzen lässt sich jeder Abgrund sicher überqueren!


download here




Ingrid, your lovely deco items bring spring into my Sims home!

Thank you so much -you have made me happy with your beautiful gift!


download here


don't forget to visit Ingrid Studio here



A wonderful gift with a wonderful name from a more than wonderful friend!

Thank you so much Olena for this amazing birthday gift!


download here


found more from highly talented Olena here and here





Dieses bayrische Set wärmt mein Herz und macht mich glücklich!

Vielen Dank, Gaby - Du Sonnenschein!


download here


visit Simbeule's fabulous site here




this froggy pond was a spring surprise from Andrasta at Door to More

Plenty of fun guaranteed! ich bin hingerissen, fasziniert, entzückt - kurz: im Glück!

Du bist sowas von wunderbar, Andrea!


download here



and I've got even more!

download this fabulous painting here





time travel windows - a fanciful gift from Andrasta at Door to More

Ich danke Dir von Herzen für dieses fabelhafte Zeitreisefenster, Du Liebe!






Dear Ingrid surprised me with a lovely deco set in my favorite colours

Thank you so much luv!

download the set here




Animal Kids: a fun project together with my wonderful friend and fabulous

creator Gabriele.

Some parts of this set are originally from Sims 3/EA store and were converted by

Amovitam's Dreamtown to Sims 2.

I have the honour to store Gabriele's part at Boudoir Blanc, find my part at her




download this part here


find my part at




Thank you for this hacked Buddha, Piper!


get the buddha here




I'm a goofy - I used the fabulous Jane Goodall head that Viv

has made for my rainforest set all the time but forgot to share it!

get it here





Friends are god's way of taking care of us ... thank you so much for the

fabulous sculptures, dear Ming!


download my beautiful gift here




A big thank you to Susanne for her kindness and such a lovely gift!

Get the fabulous skin from a wonderful lady and friend here





Thank you so much Suva for giving me protection from Buddha :-)

download Suvamitas beautiful gift here


enjoy a pleasurable journey to Suvamitas website Minority Creation!




Thank you for this awsome painting, dear Jo Anne!

It has an almost magical fascination.





Gabi, vielen, vielen Dank für Dein Aufmunterungsgeschenk!

download the fabulous froggy mosaic set here

don't forget to visit Simbeule's Sims 1 Box!



Thank you so much for this beautiful birthday surprise, dear Nicole!

You are my queen of hearts :-)

download here

visit Yamiroses fantastic website Mirrored Sims!




Schöner kann ein Geburtstagsgeschenk im Frühling gar nicht sein!

Hab tausend Dank, liebe Gabi, ich freue mich riesig!

download here





Olena brought spring into my home with this colourful coat rack!

Thank you so much luv for this adorable cheer-up!

download here




"Little Archaeologist" is a unique gift from Andrasta.

This cool set of archaelogical deco and kids only furniture will build up the

future career for a little Indiana Joanna!

The casket comes in two versions - playable and deco only!

Das ist ein großartiges Geschenk, Andrea, ganz wunderbar!


download here





Andrasta modified the jacuzzi from Persimmon Grove to allow use for children

and also exclusive use for children (both versions included)

My little simmies and I say a heartily thank you!

download here





Lovely Suvamita surprised me with fabulous Egyptian paintings.

Thank you so much!

get them here





Sweet Nyx made this wonderful sign with the Irish blessing for me - thank you!





Nyx, I'm totally thrilled by this fabulous Christmas gift - I love your textures!

Thank you so much!

download this stunning set here




Viv's skins have all that little bit extra - and this special one is even more

than extra - saffron yellow is my favorite colour!

this skin is a dream!

many thank-you-kisses for Viv and a download link for you all!




a beautiful surprise gift from Susanne - thank you so much!

download the fabulous festive door here






I was deeply honoured and so very happy about Poetica's gift!

Such a superb and unique set ... absolutely breathtaking!

Beverly gave her permission to share it - please download here