the best gifts do not come from a store ...






thank you Ron for giving me comfort when my 17 years old cat died!

download the beautiful cat rugs here




download here

Ron made me happy today with this rug - thank you so much!




download here


a thank you gift from Ludi for the interview partners that she needed

for her master dissertation (about the Sims Community!)

I was happy to help - and much success dear Ludi!




download here


thank you Miss Shabby for this lovely painting ... these are my colours!

Find more art from Miss Shabby at her YG




tons of kisses and thank you's for this fantastic modern house, dear Ingrid!

download my beautiful gift (including objects and a shopping list)





download here


I'm rich! I'm rich! I'm rich!

I love the earthtones, I love the luxurious bed - I love everything in this room!

Thank you deep from my heart for this fantastic gift, Space Cadet :-)




download the lovely dresses here




download here

thank you so much for this magic dress, dear Susanne! I love it!




download here


Always expect the unexpected ! I was jumping for joy about the most beautiful

Victorian fakes that I've ever seen! Thank you deep from my heart, Luv!

Enjoy a visit at Sims of the World!




download here


Only an intergalactic good creator like Olena can do such an unique set!

I'm lost in hyperspace with excitement! Thank you so much, sweet friend!

Visit Olena's Clutter Factory!




download here

This skin - lovely like a spring morning - brought a big smile on my face.

Thank you for this enchanting birthday gift Viv - you little Dutch butterfly!

Vivacious is always worth a visit!



downlod here


These are MY colours!

My dear friend Madame Rosa created this wonderful café for me and beside the magic

tables and harmonizing chairs you will also find two rugs and a window/curtain

in this set!

Susan, thank you deep from my heart for this stunning gift!


If you would like to see more of Madame Rosa's talent, visit her at:

Mme Rosa Yahoo Groups




download here


I was so excited about this lovely Christmas gift! Thank you so much, Susanne,

for this stylish winter beauty!

Don't miss a visit at Madoria's World!





download here


Whoot! Ludi's fakes rule the night!

Finally glamorous parties lasting into the early hours

without any loss of energy or mood points!

Thank you so much Ludi_Love!





download here


Oh yes, my Dutch sunshine knows exactly how to make me happy!

With golden shoes! I'm such a magpie!

Kisses kisses kisses and thank you! I love these royal gowns!




download here


AbbyCat thank you so much for this fabulous kitchen!

Visit Streamline Sims for great retro stuff!



download here


You walk on the sunny side of life if you have a creative friend like SpaceCadet!

Thank you (and Beth) so much for this hypermega-dream of a driveable car,

my friend!

Get the best cars in town here




download here


Olena, you've made me speechless with this incredible birthday present!

Thank you for this pure luxury, my friend!

Visit Olena's Clutter Factory!



download here


Ludi_Love, I did a happydance when I saw these unique props for my rainforest set!

I'm blessed with a sweet and creative friend like you!

Visit Sims of the World!



download here


Viv, thank you so much for this great birthday gift.

You can see great fashion and much more from my steampunk queen

and wonderful friend at Vivacious




download here


Thank you Ludi for this great Christmas gift!

Please visit Ludi's fantastic Sims of the World




download here

Thank you Clare for this wonderful shabby chic set!