home made gifts






download here





Tardar Sauce is pure awesomeness - so sweet!






Chinese New Year dragons for my friend Ming

download at Awesome Expression





a birthday bathroom for my friend Olena - download here





a birthday gift for sweet Yamirose - for download here

She has just opened her own site with fabulous creations - have a look here






a natural country living set for Ingrid







he gives pink plush and floral borders no chance... okay, then again modern *gg







a little style-mix-something for Tobermory's birthday





a broad-crowned tree for Polly

get it here





for my friend Viper, the passionate hunter






a handicraft birthday gift for Marydoll






from time to time ... a time-machine

when I saw this one I thought immediately of Viv!


download at Vivacious





a set of wheels for Hobitwife's hobbit babies

get it here





Victorian Style for my friend Bogies :-)






an animated fountain for my dear friend and super-creator SpaceCadet

found it at SpaceCadet's Sims





a German farmhouse closet for Simbeule's birthday - download here